A challenge, a hope

A response of solidarity to the pandemic

A challenge, a hope

We have lived and are living through an unprecedented crisis in which it is more necessary than ever to be united, protecting those who need it most, supporting the most vulnerable groups and working so that no one is left behind. With these objectives in mind, at Fundación MAPFRE we have designed an action plan inspired by solidarity. In the Report A challenge, a hope we tell you in detail where we have reached and where we want to go.

We have put all our experience and resources at the disposal of society. The result has been the implementation of a set of initiatives in 27 countries to which we have allocated 35 million euros. In the United States, we have allocated 2.3 million to provide medical equipment and protection material to health professionals in Massachusetts hospitals. We have been by their side since the beginning of the pandemic and we will continue to be there so they can save our lives without risk.

Behind every action we have programmed, besides the help itself, there is a lot of work, enthusiasm and shared effort.  The actions carried out are proof of how all of us together can multiply the response to the challenges we are facing. Staying united and solidarity are our most powerful weapons. 

At Fundación MAPFRE we stay beside you, even more so when needed. You are our inspiration.