Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation

We contribute through social innovation as a tool for change

Social innovation has become an effective tool for change. When a social venture project is joined with talent, effort and commitment, the possibility of having an impact grows. Yet, if we add the incentive we offer through our Social Innovation Awards to a difference-making project, the magnitude of this impact increases.

Within the areas of action of the projects out to tender is the innovative insurance tool (Insurtech). And the fact is the emergence of technology in the insurance sector is a reality and the power of insurance to increase people’s quality of life is now undeniable. The United States leads the list of countries where insurance start-ups have developed most powerfully, among them ones that use insurance to solve real problems.

If you’re interested in social innovation and believe in its transformational power, check out the details of the two calls for our prizes held to date. Find out more.