Ignacio H. de Larramendi Research Grants

The 2019 call is open

If you are a researcher or work on a research team in the academic or professional world and you want to advance your project, we can help.

Tell us the objective of your research, and one of our grants could be yours.  It doesn’t matter if you work independently or within the framework of a university, hospital or research center.

The areas and thematic focuses of the research projects that may be submitted are the promotion of health and insurance and social welfare. 

Within health promotion we are interested in: strategies for changing habits, in particular the prevention of obesity and the encouraging of physical activity, patient education, assessment of bodily injury and health management, focusing on clinical quality and safety.  Each grant includes 30,000 euros that must be used exclusively for the purpose for which they are awarded.  

In the area of insurance and social welfare , we’re  interested in your ideas about how to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Each grant includes 15,000 euros.

Learn more and apply for one now. The deadline is October 14.