Fundación MAPFRE Donates $2.3 Million for Coronavirus Relief

We are always with you thinking of you and yours. And now more than ever. For this reason from Fundación MAPFRE we support research, buy medical supplies and collaborate on projects to help the most vulnerable. Together. FM_TogetherApart.

How to act to prevent the spread of a coronavirus

The appearance of COVID-19 in our lives has brought to light, once again, the importance of washing hands correctly to prevent infection and eliminate viruses. In a few simple steps we show you how to do it.

The priority  is to protect Boston from the coronavirus.

Since we became aware of the dimension of the health and social crisis we were facing, we at Fundación MAPFRE decided to take action. In the Report A challenge, a hope we tell you all the actions we have carried out in 27 countries to support the fight against covid-19.

35 million to fight the pandemic

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have fully adapted our programs to help society. Most of our activities have been postponed so we can focus all our efforts on a set of urgent actions. The projects are as follows.

We now spend all our time at home. How do we do this?

In this current situation, as well as being forced to stay at home, our usual routines are broken. It is essential to create new routines. Dynamics that help us while the isolation lasts so that our mood and our health are affected as little as possible