We are opening the new call for the Julio Castelo Matrán International Insurance Award

Recognition for those who are improving society through insurance activities

In the USA we know that Insurance, in addition to having a protective function, is also a social tool. Universities and companies alike work to spread the message of the importance of insurance in order to improve the economic stability of families, businesses and producers. In fact, in the last call for this award, back in 2017, the prize went to the Policy Incubator project of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

With this award we seek to showcase the research and dissemination of knowledge in relation to Insurance and Social Protection. We support scientific studies on the insurance business, which should be unpublished or have been published in the last three years and should provide knowledge on the industry. It is also important that the work can be undertaken in other countries or regions. It is a biennial award worth 30,000 euros.

If you want to contribute to improving the perception of insurance through knowledge sharing and outreach, and if you believe your insurance initiative or research could have a positive effect on society, we want to find out about it. You can submit your application in English, Spanish or Portuguese until 23:59 (UTC/GMT+1) on 30 June 2020.

You might have the winning initiative. Enter now.